Product Warranty

You have purchased an excellent product with many years of development and testing to ensure that it operates within the limitations set out by Cap Solar Pumps Ltd.


What is the Warranty?

All products designed, manufactured, assembled and distributed by Cap Solar Pumps Ltd. are warranted at the time of shipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship, provided such merchandise is properly installed and used only for the intended purpose and under normal intended service conditions.

Liability with respect to any such merchandise proved defective is limited to buyer’s net purchase price or, at Cap Solar’s option, to the repair or replacement thereof upon its return to Cap Solar Pumps Ltd freight prepaid. In no event shall Cap Solar Pumps Ltd. be liable for any loss or damage, direct, incidental or consequential.

All merchandise supplied by Cap Solar Pumps Ltd but designed, manufactured and assembled by others (i.e. propane regulator, hose and heater, etc) shall be accepted by Buyer with only those warranties made my such vendors or manufacturers and in lieu of any additional warranties on the part of Cap Solar Pumps Ltd.

This warranty agreement excludes all products or components that, in the opinion of Cap Solar Pumps Ltd., have been subject to negligent use, misuse, alteration, or that has been repaired/replaced with component parts other than those manufactured or supplied by Cap Solar Pumps Ltd. Purchaser has the full responsibility for obtaining any licenses, permits, and inspections required to install and/or use the goods herein described.



  • Regular cleaning of the DU-AL, and CAPSULE should be performed to help eliminate contamination of water
  • Regular inspection of all components for defects should be carried out
  • Propane heater in DU-AL must be operated with a proper regulator in line to the propane tank and correct voltage (12v) to pre-heat
  • Regular inspections of the regulator and hose are recommended to performed by a qualified person
  • A qualified person should carry out regular inspection for propane leaks
  • Do not attempt to modify the propane supply to the DU-AL
  • Do not attempt to modify or repair the propane heater


Warranty Terms

  • RU series floating pump – No Warranty
  • M5/M15/M30/M40 pumps – 2 years Limited Warranty
  • Lorentz pumps – 2 years Limited Warranty
  • SDS-Q or T-128 pump – 2 years Limited Warranty
  • DU-AL and Capsule tanks – 1 year Warranty
  • Solar Modules – 20 years Power Output Warranty