Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Generally speaking, off-grid solar power systems are used in remote locations where standard power supplies are not readily accessible. They can also be utilized in situations where regular power supplies may be unreliable or subject to blackouts and brown-outs. Rural locations, or a remote cabin far removed from utility lines are examples of where one can use an off-grid system.

off-grid-01When designing an off-grid system, we consider every possibility, looking at the whole picture of what your power consumption may require. Off-grid systems are designed to be completely independent, and so tend to be larger and more costly than grid-tie systems in order to meet the capacity demands that may be put upon it.

In the country or at your cabin off-grid solar systems can supply most of your electrical needs by charging your battery banks. Batteries connect to an inverter to supply your 120-volt needs while a backup generator stands by to charge the batteries when extended periods of cloud cover exist. There are various sized deep cycle batteries available to meet your demands with the flooded cell 6-volt batteries economically best for small systems. A larger 2-volt battery providing more capacity can be used for industrial applications. We recommend a pole mount system for your solar panels where space allows.

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